Happy November 1st everybody! I just love this date…we are all coming off a great night of “Trick-orTreating”…always so great to see your community out and about with their adorable littles in their creative costumes…BUT now it is November!! I LOVE November 1st, first because its my baby brothers birthday (this year his 21st…guess he isn’t my baby brother anymore), BUT it is also the beginning of my favorite time of year!! The HOLIDAYS are almost here folks! However, lets not het to consumed by Christmas just yet…now is a time of year I love to celebrate being Thankful!! I am thankful for my beautiful family, my home, and I am incredibly thankful for all of you!!! Our amazing clients, who are all more like friends!! We have been blessed with an amazing year at Troy Terry Homes and we are so grateful and it warms our hearts to think you are all starting this Holiday season in your new home!!! So lets get into the spirit of Thanksgiving….

Last year Dex and I made a turkey out of construction paper and hung it on the wall, then each day leading to Thanksgiving we added a feather to the turkey with something he was thankful for written on it, he loved the art project with mom, but he also learned to think about thankfulness and what that means, as well as come up with some pretty adorable things he was thankful for…YES mommy and baby sis made the cut, but I believe daddy was on there TWICE and his iPad received honorable mention as well.
I also love to put a pot of water on my back burner to simmer with some cut up apples, orange peels and cinnamon sticks, maybe a few cloves….your house will smell divine and perfectly FALL!!
And of course lets deck that front door of your beautiful new home with a wreath!! even a simple grape vive leaf with some pine cones and indian corn with a handwritten burlap banner saying “Give Thanks” is just a wonderful welcoming hello to those that stop by throughout the month!!! I hope you love Thanksgiving as much as we do here at Troy Terry Homes, and I hope that some of these ideas inspire you in your home, we’d love to hear your own ideas as well!!
****PSSSTTT don’t forget to clear all the fallen leaves out of not just your lawn, but your gutters too & even though it doesnt feel like fall, it is time to get those sprinklers blown out as well, chilly weather is a’comin” guys!****
Troy and Amanda @ Troy Terry Homes